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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

Wonosari- Kepek Village elected as productive village level DIY. This prestigious Gekar set by Provincial Government through Dinsosnakertran DIY on various areas of entrepreneurial initiatives of local communities.

Tempe was able to pick up a Japanese boss to work directly in the process of making tempe cottage industry in Madison. He is president of a company called Tempest Food from Yokohama, Japan. Ken Yukai learn how  making  tempe from  a cottage industry in the village of Glonggong, dolopo Madiun district of East Java.

National Standardization Body (BSN) ensure that Indonesia became head tempe maker of international standards. The target, the middle of next year the standard of tempe has been proposed in Japanese to be agreed by the Asian countries. Next will be proposed to international standards.

In order to develop tempe industry, government engaging Western Australia. Because Western Australia has a soy substitute material. Deputy Minister for Economic Coordination field of Industry and Trade Edy Putra Irawadi said the government would not use soy as a feedstock tempe makers. "(We use) the same flavor similar to soy bread, all the same, but cheaper. Well if it is cheap we do not depend anymore soybean imports," he stated when met at the Hotel Grand Preanger, Jakarta, recently.

One cause of stomach ulcers are due to unhealthy lifestyles, such as leaving the breakfast, not eating regularly or frequently late and stress factors.Tempe is known to repair the damaged digestive tract as well as overcome the problems suffered by most of the gastric ulcer patients.

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