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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

There have been many studies that prove that tempe is a healthy food.compared to other foods made from soybeans, tempe is made from whole soybeans. That's what makes Tempe so unique. Not only unique, but also beneficial. The benefits include:

Maag experienced by many people if not handled properly can become chronic. But apparently no easy way to overcome that is by eating tempe. "Tempe can overcome ulcer disease, it's true," said Dr. Samuel Oentoro, MS, SpGK, as a clinical nutritionist FKUI-RSCM.

Changes in soybean seed import duty of zero percent to five percent starting from January 1, 2012 as set out in the Minister of Finance (PMK) No. 13/2011 has driven up commodity prices in the country.

Be proud we as Indonesia because it has the tempe is often used as a main side dish to accompany rice. Excellence of Tempe not only purportedly by the host, but also the neighboring countries that tempe has a good nutritional content.

The Government will re-assign the soybean import duty of 5% beginning January 1, 2012. Having previously released soybean customs entry (0%). "Decree (decree) is valid January 1, 2012," said Chairman II of Gabungan Koperasi Produsen Tempe Tahu Indonesia (Gakoptindo) Sutaryo.

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