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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

Tempe has spreaded over the worldwide. In fact, This Indonesian food can be found in the United States. Ratina Muljono popularized tempe in California by opening Tempe House. Voice of America says Ratina came to the U.S. since 1999. Although only finished his education on primary high school , but he has natural talent in business. The idea came when he said that he would start a business and sell something. His friend suggested to sell fresh tempe because there has been no sale of tempe.

A nutritionist from the Department of Nutritional Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia, dr. Sri Sukmaniah, MSc, SpGK, said tempe contains fiber and nutrients that are easily digested food, so good for weaning food for children in six months or after. Fiber which is found in tempe is very good for preventing constipation in infants, which often happens when giving complementary foods.

Here is a tempe trip, the third and the last part of a long journey before. This story will begin in 1986, the following details here it is,

The next tempe trip is started from Martinelli and Hesseltine trip in USA in developing new incubation method of tempe which is wrapped with plastic in 1964. Then, the next trips are :

Tempe has a story about its development in long trip. It began from thousand years ago. This below, you can see the tempe trip which was carried by South China traders to Indonesia, until tempe that will get an international standard in the next day. The tempe trip started from,

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