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Rustono (43) was born in a small town Grobogan, Central Java is now successful with with his ​​fighting spirit is so high able to achieve the dream of magnitude. A former bell boy Hotel Sahid Yogyakarta is now to be successful pioneering tempe bussines in the country sakura (Japanese) and a special degree that is The King of Tempe.

Although business has been growing rapidly, but the journey to success in building a business tempe is not as smooth as we imagine. Having decided to study at the Sahid Hospitality Academy in 1987, he then pioneered his career as a bell boy at the Hotel Sahid Yogyakarta to many years. Experience is then brought Rustono with a native Japanese woman named Tsuruko Kuzumoto, which has now been married as his wife.

As reported, Saturday (05/05/2012). In 1997, Rustono decided to move to Kyoto, Japan to resume a new life with his beloved wife. From this struggle Rustono initiated from the beginning. He worked in several Japanese companies ranging from corporate vegetable to bakeries are all demanding considerable accuracy and responsibility of its employees. Rustono then worked as an employee, getting a lot of the science community in the country of the rising sun, from the behavior of daily living and work ethic in terms of employees is relatively high.


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