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Ambassador Scot Marciel visited Semarang, Kudus, and Demak, Central Java on 21 to 22 February last. According to a release sent by the Embassy (Embassy) United States (U.S.) to the editor, Friday (02/24/2012). On that occasion, Marciel met with the Deputy Governor of Central Java Rustriningsih, and the two discussed a number of issues including infrastructure development and the potential U.S. investment in Central Java.

On the same day Ambassador Marciel visited the village of Tempe in Semarang. Tempe center is a collaboration between the United States Soybean Association (ASA), a local entrepreneur, Forum Tempe Indonesia and Semarang city government to provide training on hygienic food production and financial assistance to local tempe producers in order to get capital. Nearly two-thirds of the soybeans consumed in Indonesia came from the United States, made ​​the place like the Village Tempe in Semarang is a prime example of US-Indonesia cooperation for strategic issues such as food security.

The U.S. ambassador also visited the Mosque of Demak, the oldest mosque in the island of Java. Demak is one of the first empire in Java. Demak is one of the main gate of the entry of Islam to Indonesia. The mosque itself reflects a unique configuration of Islam in Indonesia with a three-tiered roof, which is more reminiscent of a Hindu temple in Bali than domed mosques in the Middle East. Ambassador Marciel told Demak Vice Regent, as the host of this visit, that the Great Mosque of Demak different from other mosques had ever seen and is a valuable heritage of Islamic civilization and cultural heritage of Indonesia.

Author: Widiyabuana Andarias

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