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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

Wonosari- Kepek Village elected as productive village level DIY. This prestigious Gekar set by Provincial Government through Dinsosnakertran DIY on various areas of entrepreneurial initiatives of local communities.


Besides the Village Kepek, productive village predicate is also achieved Sumberagung Village District Moyudan, Sleman. Both villages are considered to have great potential in an effort to encourage increased community resilience and the ability to stimulate the economy of productivity work their peoples.

"It makes a strong reason why the two villages should be targeted government programs for training in the business to the more rapid growth as well as the village's role as a motivator for people in its territory be maintained," said Chief Dinsosnakertran DIY Untung Sukaryadi while attending training, business community at the Village Hall Kepek, Monday (17/10) ago.

Head of Dinsosnakertran DIY Untung Sukaryadi explain various potential village Kepek really felt much emerging business group one industrial centers tofu and tempe. In addition to absorbing the local workforce, waste from tofu industrial centers in Kepek capable processed biogas as an alternative energy that began to be developed in some areas. Prestigious predicate also ever achieved Kepek Village as the third best village in the race village at the national level in 2009. (HARIAN JOGJA/Endro Guntoro)


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