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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

National Standardization Body (BSN) ensure that Indonesia became head tempe maker of international standards. The target, the middle of next year the standard of tempe has been proposed in Japanese to be agreed by the Asian countries. Next will be proposed to international standards.

BSN Chief Bambang Setiadi said so far no international standards for the tempe. To that end, Indonesia has been appointed as the formulator of making tempe with international standards. Session discussion of international standards will be made tempe in Japan in mid-2011.

Once agreed by the Asian countries, these standards will be forwarded to the international level. "This is an advantage for Indonesia," Bambang said in Jakarta.

Bambang said, Indonesia gain worldwide recognition for making tempe at a hearing standard 34th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) in Geneva, Switzerland, on 9 July.

Tempe successfully validated as a new work item at CAC. Indonesia was also given four to five years to make tempe international standards. Currently, in Indonesia there are about approximately 81 thousand business of making tempe that produces 2.4 million tons tempe per year.

According to him, tempe industry produces approximately Rp37 trillion in added value. From the data owned by Primary Cooperative Know Tempe Indonesia (Primkopti), from 2.2 million tons per year of domestic soybean demand, only 600 thousand tons, which would be met by local soybean farmers.

While another 1.6 million tons must be imported from  the United States. Of the 1.6 million tons of it, approximately 80 percent is processed into tempe and tofu, while 20 per cent for other snacks such as soy milk. (Bernadette Lilia nova) (Newspaper SI / SI Newspapers / WDI)

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