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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

Typical comestible Indonesia, tofu and tempeh production Knows Tempe Primary Cooperative Indonesia (Primkopti) East Jakarta seems to hold the attention of foreigners.

How could I not, after one month ago, East JakartaPrimkopti visited a number of foreign students, this time unsparing factory located in the RT 6.2, Setu, Cipayung,East Jakarta visit, Vice Minister of Agriculture United States, Michael Scuse, Wednesday ( 6 / 4). The arrival of Michael Scuse and his entourage to see the process of making comestible which is soy based.

Moreover, during these raw materials used to make tofu imported from a number of countries in the Americas.Michael Scuse said, the visit to East Jakarta Primkopti none other than to witness firsthand the production of tofu. Its presence is also based on her curiosity because Indonesia is known as the country's largest soybean importer in the world. As is known, almost all soybeans imported into Indonesia comes from a number of countries in the Americas such as the United States, Brazil, Canada, and Argentina. Each year, the amount of soy that these countries exported to Indonesia as much as 1,600 tons. Of that amount, about 70-80 percent are used as raw material for making tofu by Primkopti East Jakarta. "At first we wondered why Indonesia imported soybeans in large enough quantities. For what that much soy?. Apparently for the manufacture of tofu, "Scuse said on Wednesday (6 / 4).

Scuse also said, feeling proud and salutnya of the Indonesian nation that has so far been able to maintain their cultural heritage in the culinary field. So far, tofu and tempeh is known as one of the original comestible Indonesia that has been recognized internationally. On that occasion, Scuse also had handed over a fund of Rp 147 million to repair tofu factory owned Primkopti East Jakarta. With the help of these new funds, expected Primkopti East Jakarta has the international standards so that quality production can be increased. Chairman Primkopti East Jakarta, Suyanto, admitted happy with the visit by Deputy Minister of Agriculture Aemerika States. He hopes that this visit brings great benefit to the crafters know tempeh held families together. "Prokdusi Our tofu is indeed the raw material imported from abroad, especially from the United States. In addition to good quality, its cost is also relatively cheap. We really are interested in using local soybean, but this time the goods are not available in the market. Though the quality of local soybean much better, "he said. The soybean demand nationally, every year as many as 2.2 million tons. Of that amount, 1,600 tons of which were imported from the United States. The rest are local and soybean imports from other countries.

For the Greater Jakarta area, every month it takes 5,000 tons of soybeans. All are imported soybean. Currently, the price of imported soybean in the market Rp 6,000 per kilogram, whereas the local soybean Rp 6,200 per kilogram. Especially in East Jakarta Primkopti factory, needs more than 600 kilograms of soybeans per day. The whole soybean is processed into tofu and tempeh by 12 artisans.

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