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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

Soybean prices have soared lately made tempe and tofu producers in Malang district has decreased the amount of production. The fall in food production close to the people that made Head of Industry, Trade and Markets (Disperindagsar) Malang Regency, DR Rudianto.

According to him, soybean supply is limited due to high prices of local and imported soybeans, making tempe producers in Malang district has decreased the amount of production. Thus, tempe producers have to be patient first. Because the central government is currently trying to increase the supply of raw materials namely soybean tofu and tempe.

"The price of soybeans in Malang Regency is now above Rp 7,000 perkilonya. Earlier, the price of soybeans was Rp 5000 perkilo. If these prices continue to soar, tempe producers could certainly gone out of business," he said. Explained Rudianto, tempe producers reduced production costs due to expenditure not balanced with production.Prices of raw materials is expensive, does not necessarily make the selling price of tempe and tofu can be increased two-fold. Thus, monitoring Disperindagsar in some places today, many manufacturers are very necessary, reduce the amount of production.

Rudianto asserted, with a reduction in the amount of such production, to impact the market price of tempe and tofu. Where, the people who make the food as a compulsory menu on the table, many are complaining because the price of tempe go up."The impact of rising soybean is also felt by the general public. Not only are screaming tempe producers. But, all levels of society affected by the current high prices of soy," said Rudianto.Meanwhile, according to Tempe in the Village Sources Manufacturers Sand, District Pakis, Malang regency, Sutini told reporters when met at his home said the increase in soybean is hitting small businesses since the last week. In order to maintain production, Sutini forced down the amount of production."Before soy expensive, we can make tempe 60 kilograms a day. Currently, less than 40 kilograms per day," he said.

Sutini affirmed, declining number of production due to expensive raw materials soybean. With a relatively high increase, he could not meet production costs are considered, it is strangling it.


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