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Tempe Production Process in RTI 

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How Many Times Do You Eat Tempe in a Week?

The seminar was initiated by Dr. Sahrial, MSi, Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Jambi University.  It was participated by 110 participants; lecturers, college students, representatives from Local Government Institution as well as tempe and tofu producers in Jambi.

The seminar was inaugurated by Prof. Dr. Aulia Tasman, Rector of the Jambi University. He expressed his gratefull to USSEC and ITF for organizing the seminar in his institution.  Dr. Made Astawan, the first speaker presented the health benefit of soybean and its derivative products. He explained the scientific fact on the benefit of soyfood consumption and overcomes the myth and misinformation related to negative health effect of soyfood consumption. Dadi Maskar presented topic on Tempe, a gift from Indonesia to the world, ITF activities and socialized the June 6th as National Tempe Day. Third speaker was Dr. Sahrial, Msi, Dean of Faculty of Agricultural Technology. He presented topic on the existing of local soyfood product in Jambi and its potential.

The afternoon session was discussed on the importance of promoting tempe consumption the possibility of implementing ITF Activities in Jambi. Similar with the condition in the area outside Java, tempe is less popular in Jambi compared to other food product especially seafood origin. However considering the nutritonal value and health benefit potential of tempe, it was agreed to put more effort for program to promote tempe consumption in Jambi.  A visit to KOPTI Jambi and production center of tempe and tofu were held after the seminar. All tempe stakeholders in Jambi responded positively on the idea and acknowledged the need of program to promote tempe in Jambi. It was propose to implement some program activities to improve tempe production process targetted to tempe producers as well as promotion program to improve the consumption level of tempe targetted to the Consumer. The Dean proposed to develop Rumah Tempe Indonesia in Jambi adopting the concept in Bogor.

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